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Ken Hosmer

Artist Statement

I have always considered it a great blessing to pursue my art and share through teaching.

I enjoy working with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint. For me, painting is the ideal escape, allowing me to capture the beauty of a single moment in time. It provides a chance to release playful energy as I explore the fluidity of watercolor or the thick texture of oil. The best paintings, in my opinion, are the ones that mysteriously convey both the subject and the emotions of the inner artist.

Early in my career, I gained recognition for my distinctive sense of color. Color has become my deep passion, providing that extra "wow" factor to my work.  I translate color intuitively as I strive to capture the mood of a scene. My ultimate goal is to apply color in a way that exudes a natural rhythm, creating a sense of energy and movement. When I achieve this, it is pure exhilaration—a dance of color and shape flowing from my soul !

artist Ken Hosmer

Ken Hosmer is passionate about painting and teaching!

As an artist, Ken is known for his unique use of color; as a skilled teacher, he is highly respected for a calm, supportive demeanor.

Ken has taught art workshops for over 35 years. He has been a guest workshop instructor for more than 100 art organizations (including 30 watercolor societies) across the United States and in exotic locations such as Italy, Greece and Mexico. The Artist's Magazine and Watercolor Magic have published a number of his articles including, "Four Steps to Creative Color," and "How to Paint Backward." His painting, "Spring Calves," and accompanying article were included in Splash 4: The Splendor of Light, published by North Light Books. His art instruction videos include More Dynamic Color, Secrets of Flower Painting, Hosmer's Magical Ink Sketch, and Watercolor Reflections.

Originally from West Texas and New Mexico, Ken moved to Nebraska in 1997. He is a signature member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society.

Ken Hosmer's painting, titled 'Good Conversation,' was accepted into the American Watercolor Society 147th Annual International Exhibition in New York City, 2014.

In 2015, Ken joined Impact Nebraska Artists.

Impact is a juried group of nationally recognized artists living in Nebraska. They provide theme exhibits for museums and galleries in Nebraska and surrounding states.

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