Escape to the Mountains

Ken Hosmer on location Cloudcroft art workshop

Painting in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Cloudcroft is a quaint mountain village with lush forests and panoramic views of the white sands dessert below. At 9,000 ft elevation, it is the perfect place to cool off during the hot summer months.

Featured Photograph:
Ken Hosmer—On Location in Cloudcroft

I teach a workshop in Cloudcroft, New Mexico each summer, and yes, it is a great place to escape the midwest summer heat and humidity. In July, I even wear a light jacket in the evenings or early morning; midday provides the perfect outdoor climate.

Downtown Cloudcroft
Painting Classroom

Currently we alternate a watercolor class one year with an oil painting class the following year. This year in 2018, I am scheduled to teach WATERCOLOR.

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Following is an oil painting demonstration completed during the Cloudcroft workshop in 2017.

 Step-by-Step photos courtesy of Jerry Crump.
Oil Painting Value Study
Block in the Darks
Paint in Mid-Values
Add Lights
Final Painting

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